UK’s Focus EDL first in Velocity European network -

UK’s Focus EDL first in Velocity European network


ROCHFORD, England — Focus EDL has been appointed as the exclusive UK representative and distributor for Velocity Semiconductor’s 32bit network enabled MCU. The Typhoon is suitable for embedded applications requiring controller support and Ethernet connectivity.

The processor is based on a DCT (Digital Communications Technology) patented RISC CPU Core, Lightfoot, which is C, Java and Assembly cross compatible. DCT is a UK-based IP developer which was set up in 2000 and which has licensed its technology to Velocity Semiconductor.

Velocity is based in Pleasanton, California and was set up 2002. It has already gained some design-ins in the UK and is looking to add further reps/distributor to cover other countries in Europe. The 32-bit RISC core operates with an 8-bit instruction path. This combined with a three stage pipeline, dual stack design, allows operation at 1 instruction per clock cycle, delivering 60MIPs at 60MHz operation.

This MCU comes with 10/100 Ethernet MAC and DMA controller plus many other on chip peripherals, some of which include an external memory controller, 2 UARTs, 3 SPI ports and a configurable 8 or 32bit external memory bus.

A soft byte code instruction set, allows Java and .NET based systems to run more efficiently, reducing memory space by up to 10 times and improving Java performance compared to equivalent RISC interpreters. The optimised system architecture enables compiled C code to be up to 8 times smaller and overall improved efficiency allows the application and run-time code to be reduced by up to 5 times. This significantly reduces memory overhead plus board space and costs!

Target applications include security systems, industrial control, utility metering, retail POS, smart card and ATM terminals. The device has already been used in access control, alarm, security monitoring and GPRS router.

A development kit includes an evaluation board, a software development kit and royalty-free software including 32 bit ANSI C-compiler, TCP/IP stack, Java-class file translator with Java compatible libraries, and an RTOS.

Additionally credit card sized modules have been developed to mount onto customer-developed mother boards. With on-board processor, 1M Byte of Flash and SRAM, two RS232 ports and two SPI ports, four timers/counters and status and link status LEDs, the modules carry either one or two RJ45 Ethernet connectors, or an RJ45 and an USB1.1 slave or host port. Another module has been developed with a compact flash interface enabling systems that are targeting wireless network connectivity.

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