UK's PhD students to gain support from The MathWorks -

UK’s PhD students to gain support from The MathWorks


LONDON — The MathWorks, which produces MATLAB and Simulink software for research and industrial developers, is to invest £350,000 in sponsoring PhD and undergraduate students in engineering, mathematics and science in the UK.

The company will provide a Studentship to one Oxford and one Cambridge PhD student every three years for the next 12 years, representing a total investment of over a third of a million pounds. In addition to the Studentship, which pays all fees and a maintenance grant, each PhD student will have the opportunity to be employed by The MathWorks on a graduate-equivalent salary for 6 to 8 weeks annually.

The MathWorks and the Control Group in the Cambridge Department of Engineering and the Oxford Computing Laboratory will work togther to recruit students for the scheme. The company is also funding a scheme in which two final year undergraduate students, at each University, will be awarded a £3,000 bursary and a mentor from industry to focus on a specific MathWorks related project.

The Cambridge Studentship, the first of which will be awarded in October this year is expected to focus on mathematical modelling for engineering applications.

Sham Ahmed, UK MD of The Mathworks said, “Last month the UK's Science Minister Lord Sainsbury called on industry to highlight career opportunities in engineering, I couldn't agree more – The MathWorks has selected the UK Universities which feature highest in the world-wide rankings and we are determined to show that there are lucrative careers for our brightest engineering and mathematical talent outside the financial markets.”

The MathWorks' engineering and development centre in Cambridge has a long association with Cambridge University dating back to the company's origins as Cambridge Control, an offshoot of the engineering department, in 1984. Its software is used in Universities and by industrial developers worldwide to analyse and simulate any simple or complex function that can be described mathematically, or anything that produces data. This ranges from analysing biological samples or financial trends to developing the latest automotive systems or semiconductor devices.

Prof Keith Glover, Head of Engineering at Cambridge University, explained his department's association to The MathWorks and the development of elements of its current offering and its contribution to the development of two control-related Toolboxes in the early stages of that relationship. He also illustrated the use of MATLAB and Simulink products within the current curriculum, mentioning milestone applications such as the original control laws for the Harrier Jump Jet.

The details Studentship arrangements for Oxford University will be formally announced later in the year.

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