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Ultra-compact RoughNUC-Plus systems feature high I/O density

Cadia Networks has added RoughNUC-Plus systems to their line of conduction cooled, ultra-compact systems. RoughNUC-Plus systems are designed around Intel’s Ivy Bridge microarchitecture and deployed with a choice of Core Celeron 847U, Core i3-3217U, or Core i5-3427U processors. Intel Core vPro technology makes them Hypervisor ready for embedded systems, allowing users to remotely manage or repair deployed systems.

RoughNUC-Plus systems enable virtualization at the core level with different operating systems running fully independent and fault tolerant of one another. This generation of core processors is features hyper threading technology, HD 4000 Graphics, Security Technology, UEFI and Fast Boot BIOS, and much more.

The company states that RoughNUC-Plus systems offer the highest density of I/O connections in the embedded market today in an ultra-compact form factor. Up to three fully independent HD display ports, three Gigabit Ethernet ports, one USB 3.0 and two USB 2.o, a choice RS-232 or RS-485 ports, and two power input options are all available. Cadia Networks offers several standard configurations, but can customize the system’s I/O to meet the specific requirements of your application. The RoughNUC-Plus chassis has a small footprint of 154mm x 150mm x 47mm and offers highly efficient conduction cooling, serving as both a case and passive (fan-less) heatsink for the Intel processor. Systems are available in both commercial and extended operating temperatures.

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