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Ultra completes two North American maritime purchases

LONDON — Ultra Electronics Holdings plc (Greenford, England) has completed the purchase of two North American companies: Magneto Inductive Systems Ltd (MISL) and Harris Acoustic Products.

MISL has been purchased for an initial payment of $22 million with in addition a minority share of incremental profits over the current level will be paid to the vendors if certain growth targets are met over the next four years.

MISL, which will be integrated into Ultra's existing Maritime Systems business in Halifax, Nova Scotia, employs 50 people in Canada and at its production facility in San Bernardino, Calif.

It makes magneto inductive guidance, signalling and communications equipment. These systems can operate not only through air but also through water, sediment, rock and most man-made structures that radio and acoustic systems can not penetrate. MISL's systems are also highly resistant to conventional radio countermeasures, such as jamming and scanning.

Harris Acoustic Products cost an initial $7 million and specializes in the design, supply and support of submarine acoustic transducers and arrays. The transducers create the acoustic pulse, or 'sonar ping', in the water and receive the resulting echo return from potential targets. Multiple transducers are assembled by Harris into arrays to allow higher power acoustic transmissions and an improved directional capability of the sonar system.

Harris will be integrated into Ultra's existing Ocean Systems business in Braintree, MA, which also specialises in underwater acoustic sensors and systems.

Ultra, which employs 3,100 people in the U.K. and North America, focuses on high integrity sensing, control, communication and display systems with an emphasis on integrated information technology solutions.

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