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Ultra-low-power MCUs target IoT


SAN FRANCISCO—Chip maker Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) recently announced a new series of ultra-low power microcontrollers for Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

The ADuCM302x series of MCUs is designed to enable longer battery life and lower operating costs in IoT applications without sacrificing security and reliability, according to ADI (Norwood, Mass.). The devices consume less than 38uA/MHz of current in active mode and less than 750nA in standby mode, ADI said, enabling longer operation between battery replacements or recharging and lowing maintenance costs for devices that utilize them.

The efficiency of the ADuCM302x devices can also reduce costs for device makers by decreasing the number and size of batteries required. It can also enable applications where battery replacement is impractical, according to ADI.

Despite the ultra-low power consumption, ADuCM302x series maintains a full suite of reliability and safety functions, ADI said.

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