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Ultra targeting pods contract for Eurofighter


LONDON — Ultra Electronics' Sonar & Communication Systems business has won a contract worth �£56million from the U.K. Ministry of Defence to supply and support airborne laser targeting pods for the U.K. Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft.

The 'Litening' electronic pods are due to enter service in 2008 and Ultra’s contract includes in-service support for 20 years.

Ultra is working with Rafael, the Litening Pod design authority who will be the principle subcontractor on the program to supply Litening EF (Gen III) which will provide the Typhoon aircraft with a air-to-ground targeting capability including the ability to laser-designate a ground target for attack by other assets.

This version of the Litening pod also provides a ground reconnaissance and scanning capability, even when the Eurofighter is flying at maximum speed at low altitudes and undertaking combat manoeuvres. The pod can store the digital record of the imagery to facilitate post-mission analysis for training purposes.

Additional operating modes include air-to-air targeting and the pod is also equipped with third-generation Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) sensors, the images from which can be fed into the pilot’s head-up display (HUD) to assist low altitude supersonic night flying.

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