UMA test tools perform end-to-end stress testing -

UMA test tools perform end-to-end stress testing


Reef Point Systems has developed a comprehensive suite of Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA) test tools that provides full end-to-end system integration and test capabilities. The iQ UMA Test Suite validates UMA implementations by simulating hundreds of thousands of mobile station endpoints and exercising the entire authentication infrastructure at scale. It's a fully integrated control and data plane test suite that runs on the company's security gateway platform.

The suite tests IPsec tunnel scalability and IKEv2 negotiation rate, simulates IKEv2 DoS attacks, and performs line rate traffic forwarding across IPsec tunnels. Service providers can test deployment-specific scenarios with various configuration options, including rate-configurable tunnel setups and teardowns. Formatted reporting enables fast and accurate interpretation of results.

The iQ test suite supports the complete UMA/GSM infrastructure including authentication with Radius servers, accessing the GSM databases Visitor's Location Register (VLR) and Home Location Register (HLR), as well as load testing access to UNC services over secure IPsec tunnels. More information is available at

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