UML design for dynamically reconfigurable embedded multiprocessors -

UML design for dynamically reconfigurable embedded multiprocessors

In “UML design for dynamically reconfigurable multiprocessor embedded systems ,” Jorgiano Vidal, Florent de Lamotte, Guy Gogniat, Jean-Philippe Diguet, and Philippe Soulard at the European University of Brittany describe a technique for exploring partial and dynamic reconfiguration of modern FPGAs using an improved UML based co-design methodology to allow dynamic properties in embedded systems.

Their approach targets a MPSoPC (Multiprocessor System on Programmable Chip) which allows area optimization through partial reconfiguration without performance penalty by reconfiguring co-processors connected to embedded processors.

They think it allows designers to make use of dynamic reconfiguration without being experts in the implementation details of many modern FPGAs, significantly speeding up design time and reducing the gap between hardware and software modeling.

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