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UN exec to talk ‘green’ at ARM TechCon


Ole Lund Hansen leading the United Nations work on ‘Sustainable Energy for All’ as the Head of UN Global Compact LEAD, will provide a keynote at ARM TechCon on Innovating for a Brighter Future.

With more than 8,500 signatories in over 135 countries, the UN Global Compact is the world’s largest voluntary corporate sustainability initiative.

The Global Compact has developed a Blueprint for Sustainability which is designed to challenge and inspire companies to achieve higher levels of sustainability performance.

Hansen will talk about the potential impact of the Blueprint and also discuss the  Sustainable Energy for All strategy , which aims to achieve ambitious goals by 2030 in the areas of universal access to modern energy services, reduction of global energy intensity, and the increased use of renewable energy globally.

During his time in the Global Compact Office, Hansen has been project manager on the development of the Blueprint for Corporate Sustainability Leadership and the Global Compact Management Model.

He was previously with DI International Business Development as a consultant on corporate sustainability, business and climate change, as well as strategies for reaching the markets at the 'base of the pyramid'.

He also acted as the focal point for the Nordic Global Compact Network and led the Danish Base of the Pyramid (BOP) Learning Lab.

ARM is a Global Compact LEAD member (one of 56 LEAD companies out of the total of 8500 Global Compact signatories), is the first company to have integrated the Blueprint into its corporate responsibility reporting.

ARM made pledge at the Rio Earth Summit that it is committed to achieving its vision where all electronic products are based on energy efficient technology, accelerating the move from traditional, high-power, tethered computing to smart, low-power, right-size, mobile technologies that make life better for everyone.

Through its community of partners and platforms such as UNGC LEAD, ARM is creating collaborative initiatives dedicated to improving energy efficiency, accelerating the transition to the new energy economy and reducing global poverty by extending the benefits of technology to the next billion people.

Hansen's keynote will take place at 9am on  Wednesday, October 26  during ARM
in Santa Clara and is open to all registered conference and expo attendees.

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