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Unison RTOS V5.2 opens Stellaris to IPv6, USB, Wireless


Waterloo, Canada RoweBots Inc. has just released Version 5.2 of its ultra-tiny embedded Linux compatible Unisom RTOS targeting Stellaris MCU applications for the wireless Internet of Things built using the 6LoWPAN extensions to IPv6. It also supports USB designs.

In addition, the company is also making available it earlier Version 4.2 of the Unisom RTOS as a free open source offering. The new version comes with over 50 Unison demonstration programs run out of the box on MCU development kits in just 10 minutes including USB host and device I/O with multi-threading, extensive wireless I/O, 6loWPAN, 802.15.4 SimpliciTI, Bluetooth, TCP IPv6 with IPv4, and SNMP.

Miguel Morales, the worldwide Stellaris marketing manager said the Unison OS on SOC MCUs are well suited to a broad set of applications including home and building automation, medical devices, industrial automation, energy management and networking applications.

Unison V5.2 and V4.2 are hosted on Windows XP, Vista and System7 for x86 platforms. Unison V5.2 and V4.2 are shipping, with free development and deployment offered on the open source version. Commercial licenses for Unison starts at $999.

To learn more, go to www.rowebots.com.

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