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Universal PSoC CapSense controller kit eases prototyping, debugging


San Jose, Calif.—Cypress Semiconductor Corp. is offering the Universal PSoC CapSense controller kit designed for easy development and debugging of CapSense designs.

It includes pre-defined control circuitry and plug-in hardware, along with controller boards for both the CY8C20x34 and CY8C21x34 PSoC devices. It also offers a breadboard module and a module for implementing up to five buttons and a slider with sample overlays to encompass a wide variety of designs. The kit works with both PSoC Designer and PSoC Express, and allows for monitoring and tuning of CapSense designs via an I²C-to-USB bridge that is included in the kit. Cypress offers real-time monitoring and tuning, which can significantly reduce development cycles.

The kit supports both the CapSense Successive Approximation (CSA) and Sigma-Delta (CSD) capacitive sensing methods.

Pricing: $158.
Availability: Today from Cypress's On-Line store and through authorized distributors.
For downloads and more information, click here.

Cypress Semiconductor, www.cypress.com

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