University expands research with £12million in grants -

University expands research with £12million in grants

Guildford, UK — A grant of £3,945,000 from the Science Research Investment Fund (SRIF) will enable the University of Surrey to extend its nanotechnology research capability.

The majority of the grant will be used to buy equipment specifically to fabricate and theoretically model nanoelectronic device structures. While nanolectronics is advancing the materials to be used, device structures, device architectures and device performances have yet to be established, as well as accepted, by the wider community.

The University intends to play a major role in this area as it already holds two patents that could be significant in the exploitation of carbon nanotubes for device fabrication.

The grant is part of a £12.1million package approved by the Higher Education Funding Council. Six bids were approved in all with the first high-definition digital studio and image processing research facility in the UK being established with a grant of over £1.4million. This will form the infrastructure for research into entertainment content production, medical image analysis and visual communication over the next decade.

A further £585,000 will be invested in wideband channel modeling and measurements. The University's Centre for Communication Systems Research (CCSR) will install a wideband and variable frequency sounder to expand its capabilities and enable research for future systems beyond 3G to be conducted.

The 21st Century Materials project will receive £3.5million as part of the established collaboration with the Institute of Polymer Technology and Materials Engineering at Loughborough University.

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