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UnplugFest tests Z-Wave home control products for Europe


LONDON — A Z-Wave Alliance UnplugFest in Copenhagen saw manufacturers test 14 home control products soon to be introduced in the European market.

The new products were tested against existing Z-Wave enabled products and will expand the Z-Wave portfolio of home control devices to over 150 products worldwide.

Companies testing products included Danfoss, Bulogics, Innovus, Aspalis, and Tell It Online. Alliance members said that no problems were observed in the compatibility of the new products with previous products or earlier versions of the Z-Wave technology.

Z-Wave is a RF-based interoperable wireless mesh networking technology that is used in wireless home control. It can be used for real-time home monitoring and energy conservation by controlling a range of home devices including lighting, entertainment, health care, shutter, appliance, HVAC, access and security systems.

Z-Wave products developed by Zensys Inc. (Fremont, CA) include single chip solutions with an embedded protocol stack and flash memory.

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