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Upgrade enhances and expands timing diagram tool


Blacksburg, Va.—Version 10 of Timing Diagrammer Pro, a digital and analog timing diagram editor and analysis engine from SynaptiCAD, Inc., boasts over a dozen improvements for customizing, imaging, and visualizing timing information. In particular, the new features let you create timing diagrams that fully express and analyze a system's critical timing paths.

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For example, Timing Diagrammer v.10 can display differential signals, enabling it to show a wide range of functions, including complex bus behavior and signal transition capacitance. A related feature lets you set the color and line style of individual traces, helping to distinguish among superimposed signals.

Although intended mainly as a design tool, Timing Diagrammer also has new features to create documentation for timing specifications and data sheets. For example, text can now be left, center, or right justified and overwrites graphics, making it more readable. Also, you can customize the column names and appearance of a parameter display table. Still other improvements include label equations that make it easier to create common analog waveform data, as well as the ability to set the size of encapsulated Postscript images.

Version 10 also has a CORBA API interface that lets third-party applications wield the tool for viewing, editing, and analyzing waveforms. Still other improvements include faster display, expansion, and collapsing of large waveform data files; support for USB dongles and CUPS printing; and faster start-up for UNIX platforms.

Timing Diagrammer v.10 is available for Windows, Linux, and Solaris platforms. Prices start at $1,500. For complete pricing details, click here.

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