USB and USB OTG car-kit transceivers fit hands-free applications -

USB and USB OTG car-kit transceivers fit hands-free applications


USB and USB On-the-Go (OTG) car kit transceivers are available from Philips. The transceivers give manufacturers a simple and cost-effective way to connect mobile devices to a car kit using a USB interface. The parts provide a single, simple connection for the processing of digital data and multiplexed audio for mobile applications. The transceivers also support smart car-kit applications, such as push-to-talk and caller ID displays. Note that more than 20 European countries have instituted laws requiring hands-free mobile phones in automobiles and 11 states in the United States have implemented hands-free mobile phone laws, with 29 other states currently considering such legislation. These USB and USB OTG transceivers provide a flexible and cost-effective way to add car-kit support for mobile phones without having to change the handset'sdesign. The transceivers comply with the Consumer Electronics Association Mini-USB Analog Car-Kit Interface specification (CEA-936-A) and with USB specification revision 2.0. More information can be found at

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