USB device introduced for JTAG/BDM debug -

USB device introduced for JTAG/BDM debug


A universal serial bus (USB) device from Macraigor Systems makes it possible to use a laptop without a parallel port as a debug host. The usbDemon is designed for on-chip debug (OCD) via JTAG or background debug mode (BDM) applications. The applications programming interface is compatible with a variety of industry software debuggers, including the GNU tools suite. The usbDemon operates as a converter of JTAG commands. The Windows host PX communicates with usbDemon via the USB protocol to the OCD signals the target requires. The host port may be JTAG, E-JTAG, OnCE, COP, BDM, or any of several other types of connections, according to the company.

UsbDemon is available now at a list price of $750. OCD Commander, an assembly-level software debugger and the GNU tools suite are available at no charge from the Macraigor website.

Macraigor Systems LLC
Brookline village, MA

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