USB-IF 2.0 Hi-Speed Memory Keys with Densities from 64MB to 1GB -

USB-IF 2.0 Hi-Speed Memory Keys with Densities from 64MB to 1GB


SMART Modular Technologies announced today its new line of USB-IF Hi-Speed 2.0 Memory Keys, available in densities up to 1GB. Designed for high-performance data storage solutions, SMART's USB-IF 2.0 Hi-Speed Memory Keys provide portable functionality superior to a floppy disk, in terms of substantially greater storage area and transfer speed in a much smaller package.

Designed with an integrated USB/NAND controller chip and proprietary space-management architecture, SMART's USB-IF 2.0 Hi-Speed Memory Key maximizes read/write operations and eliminates firmware delays. Previous generations of Flash based memory keys offered transfer speeds up to 950 KB/s, but SMART's USB-IF 2.0 Hi-Speed Memory Key supports sustained transfer speeds of 6MB/s, up to six times faster.

The device is packaged in an ultrasonically welded housing with no moving parts, so it provides reliable operation in environmental conditions that would ordinarily be hostile to floppy disk drives. Designed with NAND Flash memory, the Memory Key has the benefit of solid-state non-volatility, which results in reliable operation for greater than 1,000,000 write cycles. Additional software features include password protection, zoning, and private Internet browsing.

According to industry analyst Gartner, Inc., Flash card revenue will grow 20 percent in 2004, and growth in consumer applications will sustain the market through 2008. (Market Trends: Flash Cards Worldwide 2001-2008, 11 October 2004, Joseph Unsworth.) “Our focus has been to provide select OEM customers with a significant competitive advantage. With the introduction of the USB-IF 2.0 Hi-Speed Memory Key product line, we have leveraged and developed new intellectual property to achieve the performance, world-wide regulatory compliance, reliability, and on-going product support our customers have come to expect from SMART,” said Grady Lambert, Director of Engineering of SMART's Flash Division.

As a portable USB device, the SMART USB-IF 2.0 Hi-Speed Memory Key was carefully designed for low-power dissipation to comply with the USB-IF specification for low-power devices. Operating from +5-VDC, it typically consumes 90mA in active mode, 65 mA in standby mode, and 380 uA in sleep mode. Backward compatible with USB 1.1 ports, the new Memory Key is completely compatible with and does not require drivers for the following operating systems: Windows 2000/Me/XP, Mac OS 8.6+, Mac OS X, and Linux.

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