USB modem communication class driver eases migration for legacy modem apps -

USB modem communication class driver eases migration for legacy modem apps


The Nucleus USB modem communication class driver is an extension to Accelerated Technology's Nucleus USB software. The driver helps embedded developers migrate legacy modem applications and build new devices that use the USB standard as a connection medium.

Traditionally, legacy modems are connected to computers via an RS-232 port. Because USB offers a plug-and play interface, higher data transfer rates and greater flexibility in terms of hot-swapping, it's replacing RS-232 for transmitting data, for example, over telephone or cable lines. However, various carrier modulation standards exist for modems to support specific legacy control signals and state variables. To solve these dependencies, new modems must provide an abstract control model (ACM) type communication class interface to the USB host.

The Nucleus USB Modem Communication class driver incorporates the ACM implementation and is released for use with the Nucleus USB host and function stack, which are both USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 compliant. The driver enables the embedded host to connect with USB ACM-compliant modem device and creates the USB ACM-compliant modem device.

The Nucleus embedded software is licensed with source code and without royalty fees. Available now, licenses for the Nucleus USB software start at $14,995 and licenses for the class drivers begin at $2995. For more information, visit

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