USB scope adds signal generator -

USB scope adds signal generator

The PicoScope 4262 from Pico Technology is a 2‑channel, 16‑bit oscilloscope with a built-in low-distortion signal generator. It has a 5 MHz bandwidth which can be used to analyze audio, ultrasonic and vibration signals, characterize noise in switched mode power supplies, measure distortion, and perform a wide range of precision measurement tasks.

The 4262 includes a function generator and arbitrary waveform generator that includes a sweep function to enable frequency response analysis. It also offers mask limit testing, math and reference channels, advanced triggering, serial decoding, automatic measurements and color persistence display.

When used in spectrum analyzer mode, the scope provides a menu of eleven automatic frequency-domain measurements such as IMD, THD, SFDR and SNR. Its performance is so good that it rivals many dedicated audio analyzers and dynamic signal analyzers costing several times the price.

The PicoScope 4262 connects to any Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 computer with a USB 2.0 port.  It is USB-powered and a free a software development kit, including example code enables users to write an application to control the scope or use it as a digitizer.

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