USB to Ethernet controller offer low power benefits -

USB to Ethernet controller offer low power benefits

(Note: This article originally appeared on EE Times Europe. )

Fabless semiconductor maker, ASIX Electronics Corp., is now delivering the AX88772B, a USB to Ethernet controller with low power and low-pin-count for the embedded Ethernet applications.

The AX88772B is the latest member being added to ASIX's High-speed USB-to-LAN product portfolio. The AX88772B USB to Ethernet controller has been designed to provide a small form factor solution that enables embedded system designers to deliver Ethernet connectivity while benefiting from the proliferation of USB 2.0 technology.

The AX88772B features a USB interface to communicate with a USB Host Controller and is compliant with USB specification V1.1 and V2.0. The AX8872B integrates on-chip Fast Ethernet MAC and PHY, which is IEEE802.3 10Base-T and IEEE802.3u 100Base-TX/ 100BASE-FX compatible. AX88772B can be used in any embedded system with a USB host microcontroller that needs a twisted pair physical connection or fiber PECL interface to external 100Base-FX optical transceiver module.

The AX88772B supports advanced low-power features including low power Wake-on-LAN (WOL) mode and dynamic power management, to reduce power dissipation during idle or light traffic period. The AX88772B also supports AutoDetach power saving, Detach from USB host when Ethernet cable is unplugged.

The AX88772B offers a wide array of features including IPv4/IPv6 checksum offload engine, HP Auto-MDIX, and IEEE 802.3x and back-pressure flow control. The AX88772B supports two operating temperature ranges, namely, commercial grade from 0 to 70 degrees C and industrial grade from -40 to 85 degrees C.

A low-pin-count (64-pin LQFP) USB 2.0 to 10/100M Fast Ethernet controller, the AX88772B, is a high performance and highly integrated ASIC which enables a low cost, small form factor, and simple plug-and-play Fast Ethernet network connection capability for desktops, notebook PC's, UMPC's, cradles/port replicators/docking stations, game consoles, digital-home appliances, and any embedded system using a standard USB port.

To help customers evaluate and develop applications with the AX88772B product family, ASIX provides comprehensive technical support including hardware and software application notes, user guides, schematics, PCB layout guides, and drivers for Windows/Linux/WinCE/MacOS operating systems.

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