USB3 controller hubs sport on-chip programmable memory -

USB3 controller hubs sport on-chip programmable memory

Microchip Technology Inc. has announced its third-generation USB3 Controller Hubs (UCH3s), the four-member USB553XB-5000 family. The new controller hubs are SuperSpeed Logo Certified by the USB Implementers Forum and, according to Microchip, are the world’s first to integrate OTP Flash configuration memory.

The new family includes a seven-port hybrid version with a certified four-port USB3 hub and three additional USB2 lanes. The remaining three family members feature two-, three-, and four-port USB3 hubs, respectively, providing a broad migration path for the designers of PCs, peripherals, computing platforms, storage solutions, networking and consumer devices, set-top boxes, docking stations, and monitors.

The new UCH3 family lowers system costs and speeds development by integrating programmable memory that allows OEMs to quickly customize their products and ensure operating-system compatibility, without the added cost, complexity, and board space of off-chip memory. Additionally, the hybrid controller provides the flexibility to create applications with both USB3 and USB2 ports, such as mobile and PC docking stations, monitors and other peripherals. The availability of two-, three- and four-port USB3 family members enables designers to easily migrate to the best UCH3 for each design within their platform.

The USB553XB-5000 family is supported by Microchip’s ProTouch hub configuration software tool, which is available today for free download from ProTouch software makes it easy to generate configuration settings and program the UCH3’s internal OTP Flash, or any external SPI Flash.

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