User Interface Design for Embedded Systems -

User Interface Design for Embedded Systems

Effective user interface design for embedded systems starts with recognizing the user interface as important and then putting users at the center of the design and development process. Embedded systems developers need to be aware of established general principles of human-machine interaction as well as the special features and constraints that characterize their particular embedded system applications. A view that bridges hardware and software design issues is needed.

Presented at Embedded Systems Conference 1993

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Larry Constantine is a pioneer of the structural revolution and the developer of structured design. A consultant and frequent lecturer on CASE and the integration of object-oriented development with traditional structured methods, he also teaches new approaches to managing and organizing design teams and work groups. With Ed Yourdon he wrote Structured Design, the definitive text on the subject and still widely used after 14 years in print. He is a graduate of Sloan School of Management at MIT and has served on the faculties of four major universities.

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