User interface service gets local support -

User interface service gets local support


Eastleigh, UK — Advanced Input Devices, a division of Esterline Technologies based in Bellevue, Washington, is now supporting its Advanced ThruPut design library directly in Europe.

The Advanced ThruPut library includes IP for controlling and interfacing display technology such as TFT, CRT and Touchscreen displays, a range of keyboard and barcode technologies, and an expanding list of industry standard busses and links, such as Bluetooth, USB, CAN, PS2, and Ethernet.

The software and hardware building blocks share a common format for device development to speed integration, and improve manufacturing efficiencies to reduce cost, risk, and development time.

Using Advanced ThruPut IP can be provided as individual modules to improve form-factor flexibility, or by combining multiple technologies on a custom PCB for higher volume applications.

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