Cameron Robertson is a rare gem who loves being put to a purpose and having work to do which is meaningful to people around him. Being able to support and serve customers and help people in their daily lives has really made him the man he is today and it has no doubt brought him to a very deserving post at SuperCheap Self Storage in the Dee Why area with SuperCheap Self Storage Solutions in Australia. He was working in the hospitality industry, while studying in the University of Wellington, and he loved the industry of event planning and customer management that he continued to do so even after moving back to Sydney after University. His hunger for more fulfilment in this aspect of business led him to start his own business and become closer to understanding the needs of his various clients and adapting his business to deliver quality service. Now as the Manager of the SuperCheap Self storage in Dee Why , Sydney, Cameron strives to help more and more people every day, and the storage industry is glad to have him on board. What he does every day is ensure that our customers continually get the best storage service they’ve ever seen for the cheapest prices around! And how we make promises about our self storage prices and being able to keep them cheap is simple! At our outlets, we fix the prices of our storage units so you don’t have to worry about price fluctuations when you store with us. It doesn’t matter whether you’re storing with us for a short period while you’re moving your home or if you intend to keep your items with us for the long haul, we’ll keep giving you cheap storage all the way you’re with us! Cameron has his outlet offering some fantastic packages for all of you who want a longer tenure with us. And especially because you know that we’ll be right here whether it’s 10 or 20 years down the road, we want to reward you with even better discounts for putting your faith and trust in us to be there for you. The Supercheap contracts are flexible too, easily extendable whenever you need to hire with us longer, we have options that range from a single month all the way up to the decades. And not to worry if something comes up and you need to take your items back, we’ve made sure that all you need to do is give us due notice and we’ll arrange it so that you won’t have to wait too long to get access to your items. We can handle contract terminations as short as a week and we’ll even refund the unused portion of your contract so there are no hard feelings.


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    • Previously, the smartwatch industry was considered as one of the highly-hyped tech gadgets that were priced at a ridiculous tag. Today, more competitors are joining in the bandwagon and introducing their own versions at a fraction of the overly-priced margin. This makes it even more popular amongst users who had been waiting to get their hands on at least one watch.

    • These early steps are telling us that technology will not stay stagnant due to its basic nature of being able to evolve to keep up with current markets. The act of accommodating to the changes of user's demand is what causes various sectors to trust the flexibility to suit their needs. Every varying requirement simply means that there is a new demand each day and this is the industry trying to fulfill every requirement.

    • If there was a reason where autonomous driving vehicles were a benefit, helping the handicap find a way to be more mobile would be it. Now if only they could figure out how to manage the safety of each unit to provide these people with the capabilities they need with such autonomous services so they don't have to worry about their safety...

    • We need to know what to expect before we can commit to the usage of a certain technology. Without much info about it, there isn't a basis that we can rely on to know what to expect or what not to. There are things to grasp and to evaluate in order to know its suitability in catering to our exact needs.

    • The 'Goldilocks' approach is by far the best method to implement when it comes to the technological sector. There really isn't a step that can provide a guarantee only the best platform is being put forward. What we need to do is to use this approach until we finally find the ultimate solution that suits our ongoing processes.

    • It's interesting to read about such considerations when in every day life we don't think about the effect of heat on these little components at all. It makes me realise that there's a lot of things in life that we take for granted simply because it's not our bread and butter. I imagine that there are some semantics of my self storage business that nobody would think to consider if they weren't in the industry themselves and so it is with me and electronics! Haha!

    • Reading about this is really making my head spin - I was never really good with numbers back in my day in school. It's actually quite hard to imagine that there is so much technical work that goes on behind our every day equipment and systems. It's a true wonder how humans managed to put their heads together and come up with all of these theories about what makes things work together in this way isn't it?

    • The algorithms behind these technologies is really astounding. It would be really amazing to put the machines to the test and see what they could really learn just by absorbing information around it. Of course we risk moving into a sentient AI phase of life on this planet, but hey. Progress.

    • "sometimes it's good to have a look back at our well-received articles from the recent past" -- This is why I personally enjoy printing out some of my favourite articles. I'm not always meticulous about doing it because I'm pretty sure that there are a lot of articles out there that I just haven't gotten around to reading. But for the ones that have been helpful, there's folder of those somewhere for reference in my study!

    • I've always had this concern that coders are somehow taking the mickey out of business owners simply because we're not technical people. After reading up a little about it, these guys charge by line of text and could be adding lines and lines of comments in there that does absolutely nothing for the actual functionality of the programme. Is that possible?

    • Of course there needs to be a higher level of protection when it comes to industrial uses for IoT framework. It's important to make sure that these company systems are not compromised considering the greater implications of the whole system going out of synch in an attack! They have to take extra precaution I reckon!

    • Seems like this new sensor could very well change the way a lot of tracking is being done in warehousing and storage situations. I imagine that it might be a good thing for logistics company to explore when it comes to tracking and monitoring their shipments. Especially with so much emphasis being put into shipping around the world these days, such reliability and monitoring methods need to be more enhanced to ensure safe and timely delivery of items.