Managing Director

Christopher James is a father of one and engaged to be married to a lovely lady in the near future. Having lived in a semi rural area with his parents and sister Maryanne, he is fond of a simpler time where he could spend all his time in the great outdoors, exploring and playing in the bush. These days, things are a bit more fast-paced for him. Chris now runs the Brisbane North self storage facility for Supercheap Storage and he’s determined to make a name for himself in Queensland! Graduating from the Southern Cross University with a Bachelors of Business in Accounting and Finance & Banking, Chris started off in an Accounting practice, he wanted to find something a little bit more exciting and rewarding and found himself looking at a franchise in the self storage industry. Supercheap Storage works on the premise of bringing convenient self storage services to its customers, and to do that, they’ve come up with an amazing design of portable self storage units which can be transported directly from the warehouses to their customers’ homes or offices very easily. This reduces the need for any secondary methods of transportation and helps their customers to save a lot of money when it comes to the expenses of moving, loading and unloading! With 2 affordable packages (Premium and Standard), customers also have the option of choosing how much help they need on moving day. Depending on which service they choose, our team will be ready to show up at your doorstep and help you as you require. The Premium service offers you strong men to carry things into the storage unit, and the Standard service gives you free reign to pack things up once the storage unit has reached your home or office. Falling in love with the portable model of self storage, Chris has set out to make sure that more people know all about what Supercheap Storage can do for them and we’re looking forward to seeing him achieve more things in Brisbane North in the near future!


's contributions
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