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    • Security should always be our topmost priority regardless in whichever platform that we are working on. It should not be a concern revolving around a simple process alone but it should generally cover the whole infrastructure as well. This means that, without guaranteed security, you shouldn't even begin work at all.

    • Progress is rapid and always consistent in the IoT sector which is definitely a status we would all be glad to see. Different expectations are bound to arise in due time and it is only the right thing to do to step up the mechanics of how we handle the related processes. Before we know it, we would all be able to sustain a stable environment.

    • From what I know, the advent of the internet and social media and basically all this inter-connectivity of people has given rise to immense amounts of data for the analysts to work with. I'm pretty sure that you won't have to worry about not having data until the end of days now!

    • We need to be as efficient as possible in whichever project that we are currently handling. This is to ensure that not only will we get to save on costs, but we can also be energy-efficient as well. It is about making sure things happen as planned as well as not to go overboard with our budget and labour.

    • If I am able to recall clearly, I just saw a recent ad that illustrated how terrific voice control is for modern living. However, a twist of events made the entire smarthome hellish to live in after the owner had a dental surgery that caused his mouth to swell up and somehow distort his voice. He was not able to enter his own home and was stranded outside for hours in the heavy downpour.

    • I think that it will take a fair amount of time to make sure that we've refined the IIOT network properly. And security will be one of the biggest issues here. Considering that everything is travelling over a network, we're going to have to make sure that the whole system is impervious t o external interference and distractions. Heaven forbid something new be introduced that could disrupt the whole system right?

    • As a consumer myself, it is true that these are indeed the kings of products and services that we go after. We know the competition in the industry is so tight so manufacturers are simply increasing their game to be the best among the best. It is to our gain that we are able to discreetly choose exactly what we need in terms of pricing, quality, and speed.

    • It is amazing how Man has accomplished so much in the technological sector which can be applied for various needs. It won't be long until we will be able to experience a whole array of endless advances that will be made readily available at everyone's disposal. This simply means that we can expect new and improved technological facilities which will definitely be towards our own advantage in the long run, be it on Earth or outerspace.

    • Sounds like it might even make sense to get your hands on a couple of different units of these and put them each into storage so that you have the capabilities of the different "hats" when you need them. Doesn't seem like the prices will be too unfriendly if you wanted to stock up on them, just saying!

    • It would be interesting to work with something new that we have not been able to get our hands on. It is not merely about trying to hit up some new processes but it is also about trying to inculcate something different into the equation. It might sound ridiculous to start from scratch, but that is how a new formula truly works.

    • We are so used to the existing technology that we're using for data storage so I think it might be a bit of a hard switch if there's going to be a new standard with these new nanochip units. We'll only know when they've done all their proper testing to make sure that these services are going to be able to handle the capacity and demand!

    • This was a very interesting module for me. It's really quite wonderful to see how such a simple concept is penned down to illustrate what is really needed to provide a secure network for your business and communications framework. Hopefully I will be able to grasp a better understanding of this to see how it can be implemented in my own business dealings when I speak with some of my customers...

    • In the 21st century, almost every single person owns some form of tech. When this is the reality, it simply means that IoT has already reached out to such a great population to improve our daily lives. How is cellular IoT playing a part in this entire framework? It simply makes the mobile environment that supports communication to ensure users are granted connectivity without hiccups. Through both small and large scales of usage, a stable form of communication is always necessary to be facilitated so cellular infrastructure will come in handy.