Growing up in a family of 4 boys meant that things were relatively competitive in the Thirlwall family. That’s pretty obvious to see now that the Thirlwall children are now scattered across the world and doing well in all their chosen professions. One brother is currently in Mongolia setting up a business-lending company, another is taking a break from working life and focusing on building his family and a life back in Papua New Guinea. Yet another runs a live music bar and restaurant in Shanghai and Edward Thirlwall, is in Sydney, Australia, building what looks like the epitome of a blooming and flourishing Self Storage business. Edward has come quite far to get Supercheap Storage to where it is today. And with more franchises and outlets being added every month, it’s safe to assume that the Supercheap Storage brand name and company has definitely pushed through to make some awesome headway in the storage industry. And that’s because of Edward’s competitiveness and drive to get his company the winning edge. Edward has been striving for Supercheap Storage to stand out in the storage industry as the foremost provider of cheap and affordable storage solutions for everybody. The traditional model of storage solutions meant that people needed to run around to look for 2 companies to handle all their relocation and storage problems - one to hold their items while they’re moving and another to move their items to the storage unit. What a hassle! With the Supercheap Storage model, you don’t have to worry about all of that. Everything comes into one neat little package. You just arrange to have your items stored and we’ll take care of all the rest! From transporting the unit to your location (either home of office) and you can then take the opportunity to load up your things into your storage unit as is right on your own property! That means lots of time and money savings for you when you hire with Supercheap! Not only that, but Edward is a man who greatly values the people around him. Besides spending time with his family and friends, he’s a great employer who truly understands the sacrifices and commitment of the people who are working at and for Supercheap Storage. Edward takes the effort to get to know the people who are working with him on a daily basis and his staff love that their work and efforts are appreciated in all that they do, not only for the customers but for the company.


's contributions
    • We can never truly understand what we are handling, can we? At times, we think we know just what we are really doing but at the end of the day, it seems that we just might have missed something out. Do not despair as apparently this is just how processes are. The science behind them is that we might have overlooked certain aspects of the whole concept which we can still salvage with the right means.

    • Communication has been made easy with technology and if there is a better way to improve this whole setup, industries would glady accept the change. It could take time before resources can be tapped on to put in place an improved environment, but it is for a good cause. The efforts being put in would be well worth all the time and investment costs. There needs to be proper planning before the whole idea can be executed properly.

    • There is no harm in exploring alternatives of a given situation. It is just to prepare us for what may or may not come in the near future. We are simply drilling into whether or not there are opportunities out there that can be tapped into and not for us to anticipate a negative situation from happening. This is really important to avoid huge losses that could come as a shock and incur even greater costs that need to be spent to cover the losses.

    • We need to only use the best to give the best not only to ourselves but to the public in general. When we have a certain product that is functioning properly but has its limitations that could lead to problems, we need to try and improve it right now. It could promote the risks of causing adverse effects if continuously utilized with a limited spectrum. Thus, why not impose an upgrade to further the capability of the product to take advantage of what it can truly offer.