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    • Finally someone with some sense. It is very likely autonomous vehicles will never happen. There is currently no way for computers to process images fast enough to detect things like turn signals and brake lights, so the only possible solution is to network all vehicles. But that is mutually exclusive with human drives, so will never be accepted. No current autonomous vehicle has also ever been able to detect a lane after even the slightest snowfall. So the only way to ever make autonomous vehicles work would be if transponder cable were embedded on all lanes, and that could cost billions and take a decade or more. So clearly it not only will never happen, but is as silly as those flying cars 1960's magazined claimed we would all have by now.

    • No it is NOT the amount of data coming in, but the inability of computers to be able to process this data fast enough. Humans have hundreds of billions of parallel processors that makes the most powerful computers we can build dumber than a cockroach in comparison. Humans instantly recognize things like turn signals and brake lights, while computers will not be able to do that for a century or so. The only way autonomous vehicles are remotely possible is to embed transponders in all lanes, and network all vehicles. And that is the impasse. Since human drivers would not be networked, they would be mutually exclusive to autonomous vehicles and have to be banned. And that will NEVER be accepted. So forget about autonomous vehicles. It is never going to be allowed. And there is no business model anyway. Those who do not want to drive would already be using mass transit. Autonomous makers would quickly become bankrupt. being party to every single fender bender lawsuit. Since autonomous vehicles could not speed, no one would pay extra for performance packages. In all, autonomous vehicles are just stupid, just like the flying cars that magazines in the 60s promised we would all have had decades ago.

    • Idotic article. Of course a car is safer than a horse, but that is because a human guide the car and is much smarter than a horse. But computers have the intelligence of a cockroach, and are much less safe. Computers don't really know anything and can never have all the date and programming necessary to really know anything or have any sense of context. All they can do is mindlessly repeat what patterns have been programmed into them, which is very little. For example, they will never likely be able to recognize simple things like tail lights or turn signals even. That is why a Google vehicle ran into a bus. It did not yield right of way to the bus and in fact could not even tell it was a bus. And that does not include problems like no autonomous vehicle has yet been able to detect a lane after a tiny snowfall even. So obviously to overcome this, you would have to embed transponders in all lanes as well as networking all vehicles. But that is even worse, since that would be mutually exclusive with human drivers. Which brings us back to the total lack of business model. No one will ever accept autonomous vehicles, not only because they are expensive and don't work, but because they would force all humans to be banned from the roads. And not only would maker be bankrupt from the fact they would become party to every single fender bender lawsuit, but also autonomous vehicles that won't exceed the speed limit would never sell any performance package, so profits would decrease.

    • Finally we have some government response to the insanity of autonomous cars. Driving is far too difficult for the current state of the art computer equipment. What happens if snow covers the center line, or sunspots caused a GPS outage? Autonomous cars can't even detect turn signals yet. They are no where near ready, and many never be. Nor should we want them. I enjoy driving and would never prefer to be a passenger. But makers will go broke being sued for every accident. Privacy will be gone because they will track all car movements. It will cost a fortune, and maintenance will become mandatory and expensive. Travel will also take much longer because computer won't speed.