Sr. Technical Editor

Senior Technical Editor covering test and measurement for EDN and EE Times, October 2013 to present. Senior technical editor, Test & Measurement World from 1992 to 2012. EDN Design Ideas editor, 2008 to 2011 (I paid my dues). Editor of The Connecting Edge from 29 Oct 2012 to 13 Sept 2013 (I paid my dues). On September 27 2013, I became editor of EDN Test & Measurement DesignCenter and EE Times Test & Measurement DesignLine.
Wrote six songs about life as an engineer: The Measurement Blues The Lab in the Corner Check designs for EMI Early Electrical Heroes Below a GigaHertz Red Eye Jedi Follow me at @measurementblue.


's contributions
    • A survey by IEEE shows that the EE organization's members prefer Python overall for top programming languages among dozens. But, results depend on which group of engineers you survey.

    • NIST has developed a set of new technical profiles that will finally get the U.S. government completely off IPv4 within two years. The technical document is now open for review and comment. UNH-IOL certifies IPv6 products now.

    • Many engineers don't give EMI/EMC a thought until they to bring their product to a lab, only to find that the product failed emissions tests. IoT products developed by small or startup companies often fall victim to EMI requirements.

    • The exhibit floor or ESC Boston 2016 featured oscilloscopes from several manufacturers, and a modified oscilloscope from a calibration lab.

    • Always sad to hear about layoffs. They are never good, no matter what financial analysts say. I recently wrote an article about how Fairchild's engineers perform reliability tests. Get a review of Fairchild's history at

    • I tackled this question a few years ago. See my article "The Future of Engineering" and a sidebar "What's a profession, anyway?" Some of the links in the articles don't work so I've provided them here.