In our Supercheap self storage facility in Adelaide, Mel Brandle works hard at his job as the manager and owner of the franchise. He is very motivated by his success in the self storage industry over the past few years and while he raises a young family of 3 children in Adelaide, he knows that he can strive higher to achieve more for his family! Mel is no stranger to hard-earned rewards. He has been competing in Dirt Track Racing for motorbikes since he was a teenager and had to put in quite a number of years of training - taking spills and dangerous falls in order to get his champion’s title that he holds now. At the same time, Mel had started off in the Airforce before he came back to his hometown in Adelaide to work and start his family. He had done pretty well for himself in Defence Force Engineering but wanted to try his hand out at something new. With his own business now, he wants to make sure that he is able to address all the problems that self storage customers in Adelaide might face. And with Supercheap Storage, we’re sure that he will definitely be able to make short work of that! You can save so much time when you hire Supercheap Storage because we pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for all your self storage needs. And what exactly does it mean for us to be a one-stop shop for you? Well we’d like to think that anything and everything that you could possibly need in regard to a safe, efficient and cheap storage experience, you can find just by making contact with Supercheap Self Storage Adelaide! That means that right from the very moment that you contract us to store you precious items, we’ll be there every step of the way. If you just need a little help to get your items to our storage facilities, don’t worry your head over it any longer! Supercheap Storage Adelaide has a fleet of vehicles at its disposal that will help you to get your storage project completed in no time. In addition, our containers are 100% portable with our vehicles. Even if you need our capable specialists to help you with packing and loading, just say the word. Our team is well trained and prepared to help you get your items organized and ready to move into the Supercheap Storage containers - we’ll be happy to assist you with any extra work you need done when it comes to getting your items into storage. Besides all the muscle work and physical help we can provide you, don’t forget to ask our friendly staff if you need tips and tricks on how to go about with your storage space. We’ve got the years of experience that will definitely be able to help you get the most out of your self storage journey with Supercheap Storage Adelaide North.


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    • It is always towards our own benefits to be utilizing what technology has got to offer us today. The more advanced technology systems get, the higher the standards of the platforms that we use. We need to ensure that the solutions we have put in place are going to cater to our technological needs to prevent any mishaps along the way. All the interfaces that are readily available need to be stable before we utilize them in any way necessary.

    • I was reading a little bit about some of these new t technologies and how many different sensors are being created in order for automation to happen. Obviously it's quite clear that what we're trying to do, is recreate some of the neuro-receptors that occur naturally in people so we can create some autonomous device to take over our responsibilities! It's a very interesting theory that hopefully will free people up to do better and more useful things with their time. Like surf social media.....

    • I honestly don't see why IoT wouldn't be able to sustain itself. At this point in time where everything is slowly being set up to communicate with each other and everybody is raving about the opportunities and possibilities of all this connectivity, we have barely even hit the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the things that we can do with this technology right?

    • I personally have no personal favourites on digital calculators because of how simple my workload usually is. It depends on what your calculations require of you and whether or not you would need to perform complex calculations that are more than just basic additions and substractions. The more complicated ones can obviously provide you with longer answers which simply means that you would take a longer time to work out a solution.

    • I'm sure that there are a lot of other more interesting in-depth concepts of the IoT in this book. I’m actually getting quite excited about all the possibilities that could be available with this technology, enough for me to want to go out and buy this book to read myself!

    • Hearing the buzz about all of this technology and the possible impact on various industries and processes is really quite invigorating. Honestly speaking, we are only brushing the tip of the iceberg right now where people are talking about the major applications of such technology. Wait until we have a bit of time to explore a bit more about how systems that have integrated with IIOT work. Then the world will really change.

    • At the end of the day, it is the product or service that has been in full development mode which will be released in the open. Without a stable architecture to support this stage, there won't be any subsequent end products that we can finally enjoy. The only way for us to benefit from this whole process is for developers to have every resource they need from the very beginning.

    • I hope that one day it is within my ability to attend one of these expos! I reckon that there would be so many things to see! As it is, technology has been coming so much further than we ever could have expected it to. Perhaps in a decade or so, we might start looking at those automated cars and autonomous driving systems to really be a public commodity hey? It's all right around the corner for us all!

    • This term is something new to me despite my love for books which has been built over the years. I guess the idea of this method is to add an element of surprise to an otherwise anticipated plot. It creates an interesting twist that sounds rather intriguing especially for lengthy reads.

    • It is this most important phase that truly matters before any end product could finally be produced. Hence, it needs to be emphasized on in order to derive with the best results anticipated. Without much time and effort, intended results could be sacrificed in one way or another.

    • Drones are the beginning of portable operations and I reckon that if you figured out how to employ them in your facility, that you could get quite a lot of functionality out of them. They could make everything rather efficient from each business unit to the next if you figure out how best to deploy such things.

    • IF there's some data that needs to be monitored, there's probably a sensor for it isn't it? Or there's a sensor that's in the midst of being developed so that it can record down the data from that input type and put it into storage! It's really a matter of paying the price to make sure that you're able to capture that information if you need it I think!

    • The industry today has changed drastically. We need to produce technology that can immediately produce results instead of being told that it still needs improvements even after its launch. Therefore, develop first test later concept should indeed be made obsolete. They should instead be done simultaneously to ensure nothing goes wrong after it has been released.

    • What matters the most in the technological sector? Obviously it is the issue of security. Security concerns are not something that we can aim to overlook. In fact, we need to carefully look into it in order to avoid breaches that could cause unnecessary panic and incur a lot of additional costs in the long run.

    • Regardless of the platform, there has to be a series of consistent improvements. This will help to ensure that advancements within the sector do not get delayed, else risks of irrelevance might pop up. Though the entire pattern might get time-consuming and require tough effort, in time the aim to produce the latest friendly interface can be achieved.

    • Can you imagine that one day people get control of all of these autonomous vehicles because they've managed to hack into the ECUs of the cars? That would seriously be disastrous! It seems like it's a clear-cut way for terrorists to cause massive amounts of mayhem and destruction in the city if they just focused all of their efforts into doing just that! I reckon that all the companies have A LOT of work on their hands if they want to make sure that their systems are secure...

    • Gosh this stuff is really so confusing. I'm just glad that I don't have to worry about coding too much when it comes to using an appliance! Haha! At the end of the day, I leave all the writing to others and I take care of the testing when it's all done. And that works mighty fine for me! Perhaps I'll put a bit of effort to read into the different functions and operations in the coding language, but that day ain't today! Haha!

    • There are many levels within a single architecture that we need to educate ourselves on. Without enough knowledge, we can never be too sure which aspect of the facilities that we need to address should a peripheral or other computer parts were to break down. There might be similar terms but when the wrong extension is executed instead, the problem could become much worst.