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Dr. Miro M. Samek is the creator of the open source QP active object frameworks and the free QM graphical modeling tool. He is also the founder of Quantum Leaps (, an open source company dedicated to bringing quantum leaps of innovation to embedded systems programming by making software and tools that enable widespread adoption of event-driven active object frameworks, hierarchical state machines (UML statecharts), design by contract, rapid prototyping, modeling, and automatic code generation. Miro blogs at


's contributions
    • The formalism of statecharts has been invented by David Harel in the 1980 and published in 1987 ("Statecharts: A visual formalism for complex systems. Science of Computer Programming"). Consequently, it's doubtful that the subject matter was "common at Calthech in the early 1970's").

    • The hierarchical state machine implementation published in this article back in 2000 has been completely re-designed and vastly improved. The new implementation is now part of the QP (Quantum Platform) family of state machine frameworks. There is also a free modeling tool for drawing hierarchical state machines and generating production-quality C or C++ code from the design. There are also books and numerous other resources, all available from Miro Samek, Ph.D. 9/6/2017