After graduating and trying his hand at a Jett Fitness Franchise, Paul Chau knew that he wanted to start something else on his own. His parents taught him to be ambitious and diligent at what he did and with his family in Perth and 2 best friends Angelo and Chad at his side, Paul decided to take on a Supercheap Storage franchise and open up the latest outlet for mobile storage units in Perth! Supercheap Storage is fast gaining recognition for its simply easy and simple method of helping people get their items to storage! Portable storage units are easily transported across the province to whatever location customers are at, and things get moved into a safe and secure location in no time flat! And at the amazing rental prices, it’s no wonder that more people are converting to Supercheap Storage portable storage units today!


's contributions
    • I was never good with coding so I think it best if I leave all of the tweaking to the professionals. I do know that it's important to understand what each function you're using does. If you want your program or whatever to work properly, you're obviously going to have a firm grasp of the code to make sure that everything works properly when you enter the execute command. Sadly for me, I don't think that I have a good chance of comprehension at the moment! Haha!

    • I'm actually flabbergasted to think that this would happen, but it's a sad, sad truth. At my self storage facility we only keep as much data as we can in storage for about the last couple of weeks simply because the files are too big! Obviously I hope that we will be able to increase our capacity given the level of storage space that are provided to us by hardware these days, but especially for small businesses like mine, that's a hard expense to justify sometimes...

    • I'm sure that if we want to ensure that the autonomous cars are going to be travelling safely and carefully through out city, we are going to need to make sure that they are all fully outfitting to recognize the surroundings well. As you've said, there is a lot that we can do in this area and I'm sure that where we are now is just the beginning of the technology. Things will get more sophisticated in time to come!

    • I think that we are seeing a lot of short range applications for IoT at the moment but I think what we need to be looking at is the longer range applications. What we want to do is make use of this system to manage our appliances and other aspects of a system from a remote location. That's the whole purpose of having our equipment and tools talk to each other to begin with right?

    • I think that I'm very blessed to live in an age where there are people working day and night to figure out how to make communication and internet access easier for the world. Even if people don't have a clue about what all these technologies can do, there is someone trying to make it easier for us! It really makes you amazed that just a few short years ago, nobody was this connected and that the internet was just a theory.