One thing that Stephen Eyre Giderson aims to do in this life is to go on as many adventures as possible. As it is, his love for art and music take him beStephen Eyre Giderson graduated from Sydney University and brings his Business School qualifications, along with the help of his wife and 3 children, into our newest self storage facility in Melbourne self storage facility in Melbourne. Being one of the foremost experts on self storage, both personal and commercial, Supercheap Storage is seeing an immense amount of growth in Australia due to its more than convenient and affordable services. Let us help work out a plan that will match your budget and requirements so that you can experience what it’s like to have a company really take care of you! When it comes to business storage and logistics for the home, Supercheap Storage manages to balance the costs with expertise that you get when you hire or rent out the portable storage pods. These storage pods are made from industrial quality plywood and are enforced to give you strength and security for the items that you’re shifting into storage. Not only is the whole storage container portable, the walls are ‘breathable’ too, since air can pass easily through the wood giving the internal storage area a fresher and cleaner feel than compared to the environment of our competitors’ storage units! With his business acumen, Stephen intends to expand his company internationally and create a life for himself filled with new experiences and challenges. In his free time away from the company, Stephen travels and enjoys the different landmarks all over the world, possibly looking for the next place to grow into perhaps... tween Australia and Indonesia often enough and whenever he has the opportunity to travel, he takes it! With Supercheap Storage, Stephen is going on a new kind of adventure - as the Storage Facility Director for our Melbourne branch of the franchise! Our self storage services have been able to satisfy customers all over Australia and even if they are at a total loss as to how to take care of a big move to self storage, they can count on us all the way! Our range of services include transportation and packing and our trained and experienced removalists are able to bring the portable module directly to our customers’ location! We are proud to be able to offer you all that you need for self storage, all under one roof. Give us a call and find out just how affordable our services really are!


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    • With the advanced technologies that we have on hand today, it won't be surprising that just about anyone could land on the moon soon. Well, hopefully we can fully utilize the technologies to our good use instead of wasting them for some joyride in space. We have so many problems right under our noses which need intervention instead. We need to tackle them for good before our planet is destroyed.

    • Before implementing a complex infrastructure, we first need to ensure that the platform to support it is made available. Without the proper basic support, the subsequent necessities might be deemed as impossible to achieve or produce. Hence, whatever the whole system needs, we need to first prepare them in advance.

    • Use your battery too much and you overwork it. And now it looks like if you under work your battery, you're killing it. I wonder when we'll ever find some sort of neutral territory for this sort of thing. Shouldn't we all be able to use it however we like rather than to worry about whether we're balancing the usage of these power storage banks?

    • Well, obviously we cannot expect an AI to work exactly like a human brain. There are certain limitations that restrict their thinking or how they really function which should be kind of expected since they are basically programmed to work as such. If they can truly perform like a person, then we should start to freak out!

    • If there is indeed a way to reduce manual intervention, it is a good initiative for businesses to adopt it right away. Running daily operations in this fashion would simply mean that lesser errors can take place. In the long run, they are basically saving costs as well as turnaround time which is essential for their customers.

    • You know what would resolve all of these issues right? We need to figure out a way to harness solar energy in batteries this size so that we don't have to worry too much about using any device of any size, for whatever reason anyway! In any case, you're supposed to be doing exercise and carrying out activities out in the open anyway. It's the perfect condition to recharge your wearable devices while you're doing things!

    • In the technology sector, it is all about being all-rounded as a service provider. This means that any tech company cannot be providing only a single service or product in order not to become obsolete in due time. Consumers expect service providers to provide various services that they need all under one roof without having to hire from various companies which cost more.

    • I was never good with coding so I think it best if I leave all of the tweaking to the professionals. I do know that it's important to understand what each function you're using does. If you want your program or whatever to work properly, you're obviously going to have a firm grasp of the code to make sure that everything works properly when you enter the execute command. Sadly for me, I don't think that I have a good chance of comprehension at the moment! Haha!

    • Since autonomous driving does not have the capacity of a living person to control it, it obviously needs a comparable replacement to take its wheel. Without quality MCUs, the whole setup could fail and in turn endanger the passengers inside. The MCUs need to be the brain to ensure the vehicle performs according to the initial setup which would need to last for a long time. Regular updates need to be installed since instructions cannot be conveyed across verbally like how a human being could comprehend.

    • With technological advances made readily available for the different industries, we should indeed take advantage by fully utilizing them towards our own benefit. There are many ways to enhance or upgrade our ready resources and we should do just that to improve our daily operations. Without a higher capacity, nothing much can be achieved or achievable only through lower limits. Within a competitive industry, we would want more than just that to be on par, if not better, than others.