Thomas Maloney is a dedicated man to his work. After being in the accounting line for a while, he aimed to get his Chartered Accountant certification and started studying furiously for the paper. But at the same time Tom longed for something a little more than just being an accountant; he figured that he needed to something just a little MORE than crunch numbers everyday at his desk. As an inquisitive and hardworking man, Tom constantly found things to do that would help his career forward and that included focusing on sports - he holds a number of trophies in various outdoor activities such as tennis, rugby and skiing, as well as helping his family business in self storage. His parents had decided to embark on a journey of their own when they decided to open a storage company in the Gold Coast. Being around the office and warehouses, Tom picked up a lot of tips and tricks and thought of starting something similar himself! Fast forward a few years and you will find Tom doing just that at his own self storage Brisbane facility. He’s jumped on the bandwagon and having licensed a franchise with Supercheap Storage! And it’s no wonder that this is the brand he chose - Supercheap Storage is the first self storage company to offer portable storage options that greatly assist customers in their need for cost efficient and accessible storage! With Supercheap Storage Brisbane South, you can expect the most loyal and dedicated self storage service in all of Brisbane at your fingertips. We plan to be around for a long time, so please feel free to make arrangements to store your items with us for periods up to a decade and then some if that’s what you need! Because Supercheap Storage is all about super cheap prices, we’ll even be glad to give you better and better prices the longer you intend to entrust your items to our care. And we’ll give you the best care possible! Supercheap Storage prides itself in our self-researched and enforced standards of safety and security for your items. Being AFRA (Australia Furniture Removers’ Association) certified, all of our staff are well trained and informed on how to help and assist you with your various storage needs. If you need help with packing and organizing, call ahead to us on our hotlines for some advice on storage and packing. We’ll be glad to help you get things sorted out. From the moment that we arrive on your premises with the portable storage module, you can trust us to treat your items with the due care and consideration it needs in order to be safely and efficiently placed within the units. WE will even supple free protective padding to your for that extra peace of mind during transit. Whatever your storage needs may be, trust Supercheap storage Brisbane City to be able to meet that need with a smile. Give us a call today!


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    • This makes me think about the age-old advice : did you restart your computer? I find it hilarious that there are such simple fixes for problems sometimes but people get so flustered that the systems just won't rectify itself. I can't imagine how much more complicated it must be in a system that has a lot of different components, but sometimes, restarting and rebooting the whole system still does the trick!

    • Considering how many moving parts there actually are when it comes to IoT - basically everything is trying to talk to each other - of course there has to be more points of monitoring and management so as to ensure that everything runs smoothly during operations! I would imagine that there will be a better and more streamlined way of managing the whole system soon though. Everybody is rather banking on this whole set up to work so that we can have a more sophisticated way of living somehow.