Principal Engineer

Ayusman Mohanty is a product architect with key focus on building hardware for embedded applications


's contributions
    • Embedded systems have become very complex these days and the boundaries of software and hardware are merging, so it can be difficult to find the root cause of a problem. Here are a few tips that can help engineers develop a logical approach towards solving embedded system issues.

    • Audio interfaces are increasingly part of embedded designs but testing these interfaces efficiently can be challenging. This article describes an automated method that can uncover some common audio interface faults.

    • Hi,thanks for your comment. Yes you are right in approaching the problem to find out whether the issue is in hardware or software. Most cases it will be in one of them, however in some cases it will be in both. So in the example I have shown the issue being in both. The idea behind the article was to give the reader a methodical approach on how to debug issues. The experiments or observations required to find the root cause will vary from issue to issue and hence all are not captured. The observations you have shared are valid and will help in debugging hardware issues.