Brian Dipert is Editor-in-Chief of the Embedded Vision Alliance. He is also a Senior Analyst at BDTI and Editor-in-Chief of InsideDSP, the company's online newsletter. And he's an off-hours freelancer as the Principal at Sierra Media, where he contributes to (among other things) the Brian's Brain blog at EDN Magazine. Brian has a BSEE from Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN. His professional career began at Magnavox Electronics Systems in Fort Wayne, IN, where he worked for an aggregate 2.5 years as a co-op engineer. Brian subsequently spent eight years at Intel Corporation in Folsom, CA, holding a variety of roles in the company's nonvolatile memory group. During this time, Brian also authored and co-authored four technical reference guides published by Annabooks Press. He then spent 14 years (and five months) at EDN Magazine; at the conclusion of his career there, he was the senior technical editor covering consumer electronics-targeted ICs, software and subsystems.


's contributions
    • Wireless charging involves the transfer of energy from a charger source to a destination device sink without use of a conventional power cable. Learn about the technology, standards, specifications, and implementations.

    • EDIMAX shows us how to develop a low-cost design flexible enough to use largely intact across multiple geographies' and countries' mains standards.

    • OpenOffice could be the next cautionary tale for open source, proving even an open source advocate should be pragmatic.

    • As usual, the recently concluded 2017 Consumer Electronics Show included a mix of the predictable, the surprising, and the completely bizarre. See what caught this engineer's eye, and why.

    • Post-Apple event spokesperson comments and developer leaks often provide useful fodder to fill in any gaps. Here's what we've recently learned about the Apple Watch.

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