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    • C vs. C++ discussions in the embedded system context suffer from conflating the word "performance" with "speed" and/or "code size" while missing on the another possible meaning "determinism". This is quite similar to the RTOS vs. OS discussions being derailed by speed/size context. The reason for this is that C++ was conceived to solve problems arising in the desktop (GUI) and server (complex algorithms) environments. Until recently the speed was God in the C++ standards and implementation designs. Wide proliferation of handheld devices resulted in some re-calibration of that, but still C++ feels better on a system with MMU, multilevel caching and CPU with speculative execution. The projects I am mostly working for the last decade (and many other project before) are almost always real-time (at least to some degree) and frequently mission- and/or safety-critical. When I look at the line of the code like: SomeType smthing; in C I have instant feeling of how much complexity (time, size) this involves, while in C++ environment I simply do not without going into examination of the potentially long chain of inheritance + other stuff. There are (numerous) circumstances where OOP (and C++) is a correct tool to use, even in embedded systems; but it IS more complex tool and if it is not needed while C would suffice, why bother? Yes, you can use C++ in a safe way but there is also no way you can "safe" it. You can mandate the coding styles but then you can also do it in C. As somebody said: using C is easy to shoot yourself in the foot while C++ provides you a bazooka for that. And if C is not enough do not automatically assume that C++ is the optimal tool for the job either. There are more reasons for the existence of other languages other than just the egos of their creators ...

    • TechOnline is pathetic. I cannot view any webinar since I am being thrown into endless updating of my profile re-registering and all the other pop-up windows. Neither IE nor Firefox can deal with your website. I know many other people complained too, you did not do anything. Stop bothering me with announcements since your content is unaccessible anyway. Pretty pathetic for a technical website.