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    • CEVA has announced a hybrid device that merges DSP and MCU architectures to support emerging applications in IoT, consumer, automotive, and industrial segments. Separately, the company has launched a neural-network-based speech recognition package.

    • As we typically do at year's end, we recall the most-read articles of the year. 2018's list reflects the industry's continued interest in security and growing fascination with artificial intelligence, but demonstrates how core topics such as RTOS features and embedded design lead the way.

    • The sensor targets mobile robotics for wall following, cliff detection, collision avoidance and hover/landing assistance for drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

    • Otii is a developer tool designed by Qoitech that simplifies measurement and analysis of energy consumption, enabling energy optimization for long battery life of IoT devices and apps. The Otii solution includes a compact and portable measuring unit, the Otii Arc, and an easy-to-use, comprehensive desktop app for

    • According to the survey, more than one in five IoT device developers fail to spec security as a product design requirement

    • IBM says it's ready to go commercial with a quantum computer capable of tackling the kind of "intractable" problems that happen to ensure the security of leading cryptography algorithms.

    • With its integrated mixed-signal capabilities, low-cost MCUs can offer a simpler approach for meeting basic sensing requirements in a design. A new wireless charging IC helps developers build more advanced wireless-charging systems for mobile systems.

    • As shown in the pdf included here, the 2017 Embedded Market Survey shows a few surprises but largely confirms the overall trends seen in the embedded market.