Owner Manager

Mark Grogan’s personal motto is to “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” And he has truly been true to himself in the years leading up to him taking up the mantle of being the manager of the new SuperCheap Self Storage in Wollongong. Mark has not let social norms dictate how he is going to live his life and because of that, his story is one of the more exciting ones amongst our SuperCheap Storage managers! Even in his days as a student, Mark has strived to do what he felt he needed to do for himself, so instead of heading to university, he struck out on his own to work in an apprenticeship in the heavy industrial sector amongst heavy machinery and equipment. He learnt a lot of his street smarts there and once he earned enough, brought what he learnt with him on a round the world trip. Mark continued to back-pack not only across Australia but the other continents of the world to satisfy his growing wanderlust. And it would only be after several years before he would hear his home calling him to come back and settle down. But now that he’s back, after a brief stint in a corporate setting, Mark again decides to strike out again but as a business owner. Mark can boast of being able to handle each and every one of the different responsibilities in all the departments of the Storage facility! And under his dedication and constant supervision, we are sure to see more of the fruits of his labour in the flourishing of the Illawarra outlet in the very near future!


's contributions
    • We are nearing 2020 but we still cannot put a great assurance on the autonomous industry. This isn't something that wasn't anticipated during the initial phase, but the situation is simply inevitable. We can only do so much but problems like social, ethical and manual issues would still generally prevail for as long as it takes.

    • What is it that we are truly aiming to achieve at the very end? Is it just to produce desired results or should we be as efficient as possible while we’re on it? To simplify the processes would mean that we are getting much more than what we bargained for and in the energy sector, that is a huge win

    • I'm sure that the shortage of qualified analysts will be a thing of the past as time passes. I mean, if there's a demand for people in those lines, surely sooner or later, people are going to move to fill that gap because the money will be there for the people who are qualified enough to earn it. It's really just a matter of time for that to happen now that we've made known that there is a shortage.

    • Why do we say that they are actually a lifetime commitment is because they are bound to change so we have to keep catering to them. If we were to stop just for a slight bit, things could get out of hand. This is when potential risks may come in and the consequences might just grow even bigger than we would have anticipated and have been prepared for.

    • We can see rapid progress in the sector of IoT and now that it has expanded towards the industry of IIoT, we know for sure just how much of an improvement is bound to be made visible. This is the upgrade we need to give us the assurance that this sector is indeed worth investing our time and money in.

    • While I think it will be interesting to have everything controlled by voice alone, am I the only who foresees that there may be a problem? People are always saying that a lot of nuance is lost when you speak over the phone or in text, and things done in person is always the best. We are going to need to spend quite a fair bit of time trying to translate and convey all those nuances when we have all these systems implemented and it will be like that for a while too!

    • I am really keen to see how computers are going to start managing tasks on their own. They are already so much more capable in handling issues nowadays in comparison to a few years ago. With all of these developments, it won't be long before you start seeing those automated robots take over the Earth. And it's not as if AI isn't even on the cards right now. It's all a very big possibility!

    • Can you imagine the amount of money that the government is spending on all of these measurement units and equipment. It's amazing to think about what's going on up there in space and much less when all those data units are being sent back down to Earth to the various facilities for analysis!

    • The customer experience seems to be what people are harping on and on about these days. It's really not just about the product but how the product makes you feel, and not to mention how hard your company is going to try and give you a service that retains your loyalty to the product at the end of the day. Price is no longer an issue perhaps...

    • We are so complacent about the ready technologies that have been conveniently made available for us so far that somehow we have been blinded by how things behind the scenes work. We look past the concept that brings us the conveniences we possess today and that is how we remain stagnant in this field. If we are able to decipher just some of the processes, perhaps we could improve even if it is moving at a slow pace.

    • I'm actually curious as to how many more languages we are able to support. It seems rather redundant to have so many created when all it takes is a very well-defined one to make sure that everything is running smoothly. I reckon it might be more efficient too if we want to collaborate multiple applications and systems if they were all running on the same framework too don't you think? It all seems too like too many cooks trying to talk at the same time to me.

    • I struggle to think about how we are going to adapt to yet another language, but I guess don't knock it til you've tried it right? I'm sure that someone will eventually come up with the comparisons to say whether or not we should really make the jump to another computing standard but for the time being, we have to work on the knowledge we have until we know enough to try and implement something new.

    • While the whole idea of implementing IoT into our every day lives and making each system more efficient when different components communicate with each other, I really don't think that it's sophisticated enough if you don't have the technical know-how. Or perhaps the infrastructure in the cities are just not at a level that is able to handle that much data flying back and forth. I'm just waiting to see how some people have established successful models first I guess!

    • While we all hate for this to happen, we just need to look forward to appreciate the fact that it means that something better is on the horizon and coming up! I just hope that the signs of EOL are easier to spot so that we can start preparing for it and how to transfer or convert our systems to the new standard. It's a painful but necessary process and we just need to remember that we have to keep moving forward at the end of the day!