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    • I always wondered if there was some reason why all my tracking devices are losing power so quickly - surely there has to be a solution for it! I mean, I'm basically generating energy for this device to track, so it should somehow be able to manage all that energy output or something to make sure that it's a little bit more robust in the long run right?

    • Some of these words are so entirely foreign… A few years ago, I don't think that anybody would have been able to think up some of this stuff that humans have been able to invent and create into a tool that would help so many others around the globe. I personally am most excited about autonomous cars and the implications on artificial intelligence though! There's so much potential in all of these technologies!

    • Mankind is constantly evolving in parallel to other advancements including technology. Therefore, we need to always be progressing by learning and adapting to changes. Without new knowledge, there is no way that we would find improvements in life to actually better our lifestyle and that is our own disadvantage.

    • For every product and service that we put out there for users to utilize, their main concern would be reliability. End users need the assurance that what they're going to be using would serve their purpose as promised. Without that trust, the initial phase of introducing them to the product or service wouldn't even fetch that far of a progress.

    • It won't be long before we would be able to witness almost every building in the concrete jungle that we frequent today be turned into a smart building. There might even be no longer a need for card access for workplaces but instead just a retina scan or voice recognition system. In due time, mankind might just transform into "AI" in one way or another.

    • Such events become an eye-opener not only for end users but for industry players as well. They are able to see for themselves who their actual competitors are and in a way that would enable them to strive to be the sole service provider in the market. Though that process might be time-consuming in view of how much competition there truly is, but it is a motivational straw that would help them pick up the pace of the business improvisation.

    • Just commenting off of a line I read about a noise-tolerant voice recognition feature on the system. I wonder how this is even possible! But clearly that explains why I'm not an engineer on a project like this! Haha! Honestly at the end of the day, I would prefer to manually or physically input my commands or to get all my of required daily activities carried out - just to make sure that everything goes alright! But perhaps the industry will be able to refine the technology so that it wouldn't be too tedious to use it down the line.

    • It is nothing new anymore for us to be expecting advances in the tech sector. This is especially true since the era that we are living in today is ever-evolving alongside technology. The modernization of our livelihood is what gets us up and running expecting more, thus increasing our demand towards the anticipation of better services.

    • If you think about how facilities are trying to automate themselves, it is easy to see how the Iiot would apply. But it will take a very long time to write the system such that all of that information flying around between the different units and components of the equipment in storage and in production are actually being used efficiently...

    • I reckon that companies that are thinking of implementing an IIOT network in their company would understand the implications of not securing the communications lines properly when doing it! I mean, you're talking about corporate secrets and other sensitive information that will govern the operations of the whole business there - of course it has to be protected.

    • Advancements in the technological sector are something that become inevitable over time. We all need to see improvements in every single aspect of the tech industry to rest assured that we will get our tech needs catered to. The consumer base makes up part of the highest percentage of tech users so demand coming from this population will continue growing, hence requiring constant advancements.

    • It's really quite amazing to think about what the human can create isn't it. It's scary too - were humans ever meant to create some form of artificial intelligence that mimics what the human body itself can do? Are we trying to play God? I really do think that we need to think carefully about the implications of trying to push this boundary of existence. I imagine the medical applications could be astounding, as long as we don't try and breathe life into the machines.