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    • I reckon that companies that are thinking of implementing an IIOT network in their company would understand the implications of not securing the communications lines properly when doing it! I mean, you're talking about corporate secrets and other sensitive information that will govern the operations of the whole business there - of course it has to be protected.

    • Advancements in the technological sector are something that become inevitable over time. We all need to see improvements in every single aspect of the tech industry to rest assured that we will get our tech needs catered to. The consumer base makes up part of the highest percentage of tech users so demand coming from this population will continue growing, hence requiring constant advancements.

    • It's really quite amazing to think about what the human can create isn't it. It's scary too - were humans ever meant to create some form of artificial intelligence that mimics what the human body itself can do? Are we trying to play God? I really do think that we need to think carefully about the implications of trying to push this boundary of existence. I imagine the medical applications could be astounding, as long as we don't try and breathe life into the machines.