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Opting for more extreme sports like snowboarding and skiing, Nathan John Davidson has always been an adventurous guy. His personal motto is to live life to the fullest and to take risks because it's a win-win situation no matter what the results of your gamble. Nathan definitely tries his best to live on the wild side of life and experience everything when he can! He has definitely taken some risks in his life too and recounts that he learnt to drive when he was at the tender age of 8! His lesson ended up with a broken fence and parking lot inside a tree, but it is a story that he remembers fondly. Alongside with his successful construction business of 15 years which he set up after graduating from Newcastle University with a Bachelor's degree in Business. Following his success in the construction industry, Nathan has decided to take up a franchisers license to set up a Supercheap Storage outlet in Newcastle after realizing that there is a big gap for self-storage in his hometown. Having stayed in the region for almost 2 decade, he is well-versed with the area and has pinpointed out the area for strong business growth in the next few years! Supercheap Self Storage Newcastle is happy to oblige the residents and businesses in the area as well! For your business, if you are looking for storage solutions to help you manage off-peak inventory, or even just a safe and secure place for documentation that needs to be kept in holding, you've found the right place with Supercheap Storage! Traditionally when you would have to coordinate both a storage company as well as a transport company, you no longer have to worry about that with us. Supercheap Storage undertakes all operations when we process your rental package for storage. And that means bigger savings for your company because we eliminate the need for a middle man who increases the risks involved when handling and removing your items from one mode of transport to another. With Supercheap Storage Newcastle Central Coast, we are the economical and responsible method to self-storage for you and your business! Coupled with a team of highly-trained and professional removalists that are certified by the Australian Furniture Removalists' Association, when we arrive with the storage modules at your business location, you can trust that you equipment and assets are handled with care. Our removalists are even able to help with simple dismantling and set-up of your workstations if required. Supercheap Storage Newcastle Hunter Valley also provides you with a one-stop shop for packing supplies as part of our self-storage package so you can really get everything settled with our consultants when you plan for storage for your company! And just remember that we love to give discounts to our clients who purchase package deals with us, so the more services you require, the more you save!


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    • It is sad that we have found out about this fact. The technology sector is so advanced today but yet we are so lacking behind in the security department. Why do our technological needs increase but our security solutions can't follow suit? Are service providers too complacent or are they not seeing the big picture? Data breaches are on the rise so we need to do something today!

    • Well, that is one way how technology can help us uncover more truths about other technologies and that is exactly what we need. We might not need the technology directly but its usage might be for another unrelated technology advancement and that is the kind of support we need in today's digital age. Technologies working hand-in-hand with one another and further improving our daily lives.

    • It seems like it would be the most logical thing - to hook up all of these people across the world by using their cellular data. It seems like the easiest way to pinpoint people and get information from them since almost anybody who is anyone has a mobile phone of their own. Seems like privacy issues are being ignore here given the potential of the whole enterprise though...

    • I think that it will take the longest for the infrastructure to be built up. Honestly speaking, the government needs to have a hand in all of this to ensure that the framework is available for all the companies to come in. Not having the proper set up is just going to prevent more companies from being able to implement some of their ideas. If we miss out on all of those opportunities, these technologies are just going to go somewhere else and we'll lose out.

    • It is a positive add-on aspect in the transportation sector which has been including the disabled community. This makes their daily commute so convenient even for those members who do not have the physical support of others. Those who need to visit treatment centres for health checks and other services would not find that a daily issue anymore.

    • This is what companies need to do now isn't it - they need to make sure that not only is their product versatile, they have to make sure that they are constantly developing it to do more things! Otherwise they're just going to end up with all these units in storage when another company enhances their product to be better than theirs!

    • I have to say that I really hate my phone's speech-to-text function. I don't know if it's because of the Australian accent or what, but sometimes these programs really don't have the knack of identifying what people are actually saying and translate it properly. But I'm sure that the level of sophistication would be increased in years to come. People are very quick to pick up on these little nuances and do something about it if it affects them enough

    • An overview often contains all the information readers need to know in a brief form. If the overview is vague, then the readers might get turned away for the wrong reasons. Hence, it is important to highlight the important points in the overview itself. Once the readers know exactly what to expect, they will then in turn move onto the next few pages in hopes of finding out more about the basic concept that has already been explained in the beginning.

    • Just at a single glance, users should already know what the product in their hand does. This is what a DNA statement should be able to achieve. It would not make much sense for readers being needed to explore the device further just to find out more even after having read the DNA statement. That would just imply that the DNA statement is just weak and has not achieved its purpose. A good one would be talking to the users even before the device is turned on.

    • I have to agree whole-heartedly about the potential in China to really explode and it's clear to see why Trump is so adamant about all his tariffs against China trades. He's clearly scared that America will lose its seat as the economic power house. Sadly, I think that it's inevitable that the Chinese will overtake a lot of the existing industries right now from their sheer numbers. They're also pretty damn smart at learning how to copy designs and that ingenuity will express itself in their innovation...

    • At the end of the day, we want to make sure that all our appliances and electrical systems are all properly fitted for the proper components to help to regulate the systems properly. Honestly speaking, I would imagine that there would regularly be a lot of amendments to a particular system considering how quickly new parts are being invented. I really wouldn't be surprised if you see that there are significantly less components in the system now as compared to those a few years ago!