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UtRAM hits the 256-Mbit level


Samsung Electronics has developed what it claims is the first 256-Mbit uni-transistor RAM (UtRAM), using 90-nm process technology. The first samples are expected to be delivered to mobile phone makers later this month.

UtRAM is aimed at feature-rich mobile handsets. It operates at 133 MHz, faster than pseudo-SRAM today, and can process data 1.7 times faster than competing 80-MHz pseudo-SRAM.

UtRAM is a type of pseudo-SRAM that has the memory cell configuration of a DRAM and the interface of an SRAM or NOR flash memory device. It's fully compliant with JEDEC's burst pseudo-SRAM standard.

Samsung will make the memory available as a stand-alone device or as a key component within a multi-chip package, which is often the memory option of choice for mobile phones. Mass production is scheduled to commence by the end of the year. For more information, visit www.samsung.com.

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