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UWB PHY module fits Intel’s Wireless USB PDK

The development of applications with Intel’s Peripheral Development Kit (PDK) for Certified Wireless USB becomes easier thanks to a UWB physical layer (PHY) module from Wisair. The PHY module together with the Certified Wireless USB PDK allow PC peripheral and consumer electronics makers to develop applications while guaranteeing interoperability between host PCs and peripherals based on the Certified Wireless USB specification.

The UWB module was specifically designed to support the electrical and mechanical design of the Certified Wireless USB PDK. The plan for the industry is to have commercially available WiMedia radios available in the next 12 months. Employing the WiMedia Alliance’s MAC-PHY interface specifications, the UWB transceiver module incorporates Wisair's second-generation chip set and consists of the Wisair 502 RF IC, the 531 baseband chip, and an external UWB antenna. For more information, visit the company Web site at www.wisair.com.

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