VACUUMSCHMELZE: magnetically shielded rooms provide unspoilt environment -

VACUUMSCHMELZE: magnetically shielded rooms provide unspoilt environment


Magnetically Shielded Rooms (MSR) are widely used in basic and applied research. They attenuate the influence of low-frequency interference caused, for example, by railway lines, elevators, vehicles, transformers or radio signals. VACUUMSCHMELZE (VAC) has already built up more than 150 cabins in almost 40 years and thus has unmatched experience in the conception, planning and execution of shielding cabins for the most diverse requirements.

In addition to the three standard variants Basic, Advanced and Premium, high-end customer-specific designs can be realized.

The right solution for all requirements: The Basic cabin is weight- and cost-optimized and suitable for installation in upper levels. The two-layer Advanced cabin also shields at higher frequencies and the Premium cabin with an additional MUMETALL layer is used for above-average magnetic environmental noises.

The full vertical integration from melting of the alloy to the assembly of the finished cabin out of one hand has proven to be a key success factor to ensure consistently the best magnetic properties and most efficient project management.

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