Validation Suite for TI's DSPs offers shorter route to safety certifcations -

Validation Suite for TI’s DSPs offers shorter route to safety certifcations

Lafayette, Colorado — A validation suite is now available for validating that software targeting Texas Instruments' TMS320C64xx family of digital signal processors (DSPs) meets several international safety standards, including IEC-61508 SIL 3 for industrial automation and control systems. Validated Software Corporation (VSC) announced that its Micrium μC/OS-based Validation Suite can “shave four or more man-years off a schedule,” says Scott Nowell, president of Validated Software.

The Micrium μC/OS-based Validation Suite for TI's TMS320C64xx DSPs is available for validating software to these international standards:

  • Airborne avionics — RTCA DO-178B Level A
  • Ground based avionics — RTCA DO-278 Level AL1
  • Medical equipment — IEC-62304 Class C and FDA/CDRH 510K/PMA Class III
  • Railway systems and equipment — ICENELEC EN-50128 SIL 4
  • Industrial automation and control systems — IEC-61508 SIL 3

“Each Validation Suite is specific to a market, a standard, a processor, and a compiler and is customized for each customer's unique environment. Validation Suites provide all the requirements, design, process, and other documentation required as evidence of compliance with the specified standard,” says a VSC press release, “Validation Suites also contain meticulous structural analysis, code coverage, unit testing, and integration testing. All runtime results and testing are based on the customer's target hardware and tool setup; the runtime and testing results are provided in trace matrix format. The result is a turnkey, submission ready certification package that includes everything required to demonstrate μC/OS compliance with a particular standard. The development team does not have to do a thing.”

VSC can also provide turnkey μC/OS certification solutions for TI's TMS320C28xx, TMS320C55xx, TMS320C62xx, and TMS320C64xx DSPs in as little as thirty days. Validated Software Corporation (VSC) provides safety-critical software certification solutions for real-time and embedded operating systems.

Based on press release.

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