VAR program to expand Ubisense penetration -

VAR program to expand Ubisense penetration

LONDON — Ubisense has launched a value-added reseller (VAR) program to support the development and deployment of tracking applications using its real-time location system (RTLS).

The Ubisense (Cambridge, U.K.) VAR program is intended to help developers using the Ubisense RTLS platform to design location tracking products as well as enhance the functionality of existing solutions.

The company says the program includes a aggressive commission structure, discounted pricing, a comprehensive training program and marketing support.

“We are expanding our partner network to qualified VARs to help meet customer demand and accelerate the global adoption of our RTLS platform, and in turn, we are offering experienced VARs incentives throughout the sales process as well as support to help them significantly grow their businesses,” said Richard Green, CEO Ubisense.

Preferred VARs will provide support in geographic markets, and expertise working with specific vertical markets, such as logistics and manufacturing, workplace, military, healthcare and hazardous environments.

Ubidus Co., Ltd., based in Korea, has joined the Ubisense VAR Program and will integrate and deploy the Ubisense platform in an effort to develop ubiquitous experience centers throughout Korea, known as u-Dream Halls.

These centers are meant to provide the public with a view of the futuristic world. For example, when a house is empty, the system automatically transitions into 'secure mode' and keeps the house safe from intruders, while a robot is activated automatically to clean the house.

Ubidus is helping u-Dream Hall upgrade from its RFID technology to Ubisense's ultra-wideband (UWB) technology in order for such displayed services to work effectively.

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