VCX bought by private start-up -

VCX bought by private start-up


Livingston, UK — The Virtual Component Exchange (VCX) including its IP portal ( have been acquired by VCX Software Ltd, a recently established company. Simon Davidmann, most recently a founder and president of Co-Design Automation which was acquired by Synopsys earlier this year, has become Chairman of the Board of VCX Software.

The new privately-held company will make use of the expertise and base technology developed over the past 6 years for creating and managing the online central IP listing and exchange service.

The Virtual Component Exchange (VCX) was set up in 1997 and was initially funded by Scottish Enterprise to investigate improvements in the legal and business elements of the IP exchange process. It went on to develop and launch the world's first online central exchange for the listing, evaluation and exchange of IP in October 2000. Scottish Enterprise is an investor in VCX Software with a seat on its board.

VCX Software will adopt a new product strategy which will move VCX's historical centralized model to a new offering that includes client server-based software tools, web-service packages and data services that are designed to improve the time-to-market and costs of IP users, providers and semiconductor foundries.

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