Vello's PAN software will power new class of 1RU merchant optical switches for Cloud -

Vello’s PAN software will power new class of 1RU merchant optical switches for Cloud


Precision Application Networking (PAN) software from Vello Systems powers a new class of open, standards-based optical networking switches that the company claims will fundamentally change how network architectures are designed and deployed.

Optical devices powered by PAN optimize the packet/optical routing mix to determine the most efficient network paths for any given application, enabling service providers and enterprises to respond to dynamic service needs, while concurrently reducing operational cost and complexity. This allows users to increase utilization, create service-oriented network paths and dynamically adjust to changing network conditions. As a result, enterprises with hybrid or private clouds and service providers alike can better support dynamic application traffic, avoid costly over provisioning, mitigate wasted or “stranded” CAPEX spending and reduce planning cycles of current static networks.

The new standards-based PAN-powered solutions are a dramatic departure from today's conventional large, expensive and power-hungry proprietary chassis-based optical systems. The PAN-powered hardware is currently being designed and developed by OEMs and the first systems are expected to be commercially available in late Q2 2014. These systems will not be Vello branded but will be fully interoperable will all of Vello's software solutions.

These native OpenFlow switches are tailored for data center and enterprise applications in a ground-breaking 1RU “pizza box” design and extensible to 100G, 400G and, ultimately, 1000G (one Terabit). Leveraging merchant optics for connectivity, these OEM switches were designed from the ground up for multi-vendor interoperability, and for new levels of power and space efficiency. They provide 4x the capacity per network element and can accommodate all the active optics required to design and build any optical network. Additionally, these switches are as simple to commission and deploy as an OpenFlow-based white-box Ethernet switch and are available in an enterprise-friendly form factor. This means customers can now have a fully integrated, modular Ethernet and Optical network under common control.

As a pioneering member of the Open Source Optical (OSO) Forum, Vello's optical router bypass software is a key attribute of the OSO's core mission of spurring the adoption of open source optical solutions in data center and enterprise networks by providing an “open optical” counterpart to the rapidly growing world of merchant-Ethernet-based SDN.

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