VeriSilicon offers DTS, SRS Labs audio for its DSPs -

VeriSilicon offers DTS, SRS Labs audio for its DSPs


Thanks to a new partnership with DTS, ASIC design foundryVeriSilicon is now offering DTS technologies for its ZSP G2 family of DSPcores. Under its agreement, VeriSilicon will offer software that implementsthe full range of DTS audio technologies, including DTS Digital Surround andDTS-HD Master audio. The software is currently under development and will beavailable to DTS licensees later this year.

The ZSP G2 family of licensable processors (acquiredin 2006 from LSI Logic) feature a four-way superscalar architecture capableof supporting a wide-range of applications. The processors have already beenadopted across a wide range of applications, including Blu-ray and HD-DVDdevices.

In a related announcement, VeriSilicon unveiled a deal tolicense SRS Labs' Wow HD and TurSurround HD technologies for its VZ audio andG1 ZSP family of DSP cores. In licensing SRS Labs' WOW and TurSurround HDtechnologies, VeriSilicon aims to provide a complete end-to-end audio SoCsolution based on its ZSP G1 family of DSP cores.

Both SRS WOW HD and SRS TruSurround HD have been ported tothe ZSP400, but are also compatible with ZSP G1 cores. Both SRS technologiesare also available on the ZSPneo, ZSP210, and ZSP410. VeriSilicon's SRS WOW HDand SRS TruSurround HD implementations have been certified by SRS Labs and arenow available to manufacturers.

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